• M. O. Okoli National Power Training Institute of Nigeria Author
  • A. N. Aniedu Electronic and Computer Engineering, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka Author


Transformers monitoring, Current level, Voltage level, Transformer parameters, Data, Online platform, Model equations


Transformer is an important and expensive device used by electricity industries for efficient distribution of power supply therefore adequate care needs to be taken to ensure distribution of uninterrupted power to consumers at all times in order to reduce the energy downtime of the transformer to the lowest minimal. When fault occurs in a distribution network, transformers are often patrolled in order to detect the particular transformer at fault and this contributes to increase in the energy downtime. With the current setup, it will be near impossible for the staff on duty to effectively monitor the entire transformer parameters since he cannot be physically present at all times. This proposed work aims at monitoring the parameters of distribution transformers by sending data at a given time interval stating the condition of the distribution transformer to ensure early detection of the faults in a transformer and prompt response to faults. The parameters monitored are voltage and current levels of the transformer using voltage sensor and current sensor respectively. These sensors were used to monitor the transformer’s health so as to ensure quick detection of faults. The sensors output were fed to the microcontroller and processed. The microcontroller computes the connected load power from the sensed voltage and current. The retrieved data was processed which was further logged and displayed on the online platform which makes the system very efficient and the data accessible from any part of the world. The sensors were simulated and their model equations formulated. Their graph were also plotted which describe the dynamics of the system.