Evolution of Active Filter Circuits Design Using Genetic Programming


  • Ogri J. Ushie University of Calabar, Nigeria
  • Maysam F. Abbod Brunel University, London
  • Evans C. Ashigwuike University of Abuja, Nigeria


modified symbolic circuit analysis in Matlab, genetic folding, genetic programming, automatically simulated netlist


This research seeks to introduce genetic folding (GF), modified symbolic circuit analysis in Matlab (MSCAM), and automatically simulated Netlist into existing genetic programming (GP) which is a new contribution of this paper. It enhances the development of independent Matlab toolbox for the evolution of active filter circuits. The active filter circuit evolution, especially when operational amplifiers are involved as components, is of the first kind in circuit evolution. The research uses only one software package instead of combining PSpice and Matlab in electronic circuit simulation as in existing GP. This saves the elapsed time for moving the simulation between the two platforms and reduces the cost of subscription. The evolving circuit from GP/F using Matlab simulation is automatically transformed into a symbolic Netlist. The Netlist is fed into MSCAM; where MSCAM uses it to generate matrices for the simulation. The matrices enhance frequency response analysis of four different active filter circuits (low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, band-stop of active filter circuits). Results presented proved the algorithm’s efficiency regarding design wise. The research also provided an alternative method of using GP/F for the evolution of active filter circuit, especially when operational amplifier is involved as a component.

Author Biographies

Ogri J. Ushie, University of Calabar, Nigeria

Physic Department

Maysam F. Abbod, Brunel University, London

Electronic and Computer Engineering

Evans C. Ashigwuike, University of Abuja, Nigeria

Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department