Business Solution Software Model for Management of Industrial Organisations


  • N. C. Maduka University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria
  • T. A. Nwodo University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria


BSS, Business processes, PHP, Software development practices, XAMPP


Many companies have the problem of: streamlining their business processes, integrating their business units, and providing organizational members with greater access to realtime information. Most organizations make use of standalone software applications to run their various departmental functions, like Human Resources, Finance, Manufacturing, Warehouse Management, Logistics etc. There is no way, these various standalone software applications can communicate with each other. All these problems and more can be resolved with business solution software (BSS) system. This research presents a solution on how to standardize an organization's operation, leverage common processes across the organization and cut cost by using this BSS system framework. BSS is an integrated set of programs that provide support for core organizational activities such as manufacturing and logistics, finance and accounting, sales and marketing, and human resources. It will be a commercial-off the-shelf type of software developed using an incremental process model. By carrying out the basic software development practises, it is also documented. It is coded using PHP programming language. The result of this research is a software that can be used by small and medium scale enterprises to run their businesses, it can also be used by other bigger organizations, like manufacturing companies, Banks, industries etc, rather than using numerous standalone applications. The BSS system developed in this research can be a vital strategic tool in today's competitive business enviroment.